A Green Desert Father Vol.13 - The Ashford Castle Interview

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A Green Desert Father Vol.13 - The Ashford Castle Interview

This 13th volume (the last in the collection) contains fifteen make-believe conversations: eleven with self, and one each with Nigella Lucy Lawson, Reichspropagandaminister Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Pádraic Colum, and Sjón (Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson), and an interview with a Sophie de la Fontaine. Each one was inspired and composed simultaneously in one sitting except for the interview. 

Edition: Word document
Font: Garamond 11
Pages: 124
Approximate word count: 26,763

“You have stated in the notes to the work that all of the dialogues were composed within precise ‘write as I heard in my mind’ sessions.
Could you elaborate a little on this as I find it somewhat difficult to believe that the longer dialogues could have been composed completely within such short sessions?”
“You may fully believe it, Sophie, for truthfully that is precisely how they were composed.
Take for instance, the opening session dialogue ‘Héléna de beauté complete’.
This was composed in twelve minutes from 8:58 to 9:10 on Friday morning, the 3rd February 2012.
And save for some tidying up, and ensuring orthographic consistency no embellishing was carried out on it.
Maintaining the dialogue in its pristine state was my primary concern.
This was the same approach I took for each of the dialogues all the way through to the last one which was composed on Tuesday, the 1st January 2013.
Sometimes I worked with a photograph in front of me, but more often than not I just composed with looking at the person, scene or object in my mind as I listened.
I listened and simultaneously wrote what I was hearing.
Earlier in the dawn, and while strolling in the lovely castle grounds, I saw a listening shaped moon in the southern sky.
And it reminded me that the dialogues had all been about attentively listening, and typing down verbatim what it was I was hearing during the sessions.”
“Your writing sessions remind me in some way of Edgar Cayce’s reading sessions.”
“There are similarities in the method of say putting myself into a mindset where I can listen to what is coming from within.
And also, as he often experienced, a session I found can be both mentally and physically quite exhausting.
For this reason nearly all the dialogues were composed in the forenoon.
One a day was as much as I could manage, for I was both the listener and my own secretary at the same time.”
“I like the way you have nestled your ideas in a singular poetic style; a poetic style very unique to you.
Would you consider yourself as such, Richard a poet?”
“In my own mind, yes, but in truth this is merely the way I am culturing myself to express my ideas.
The poetic style well suits me.”
“While there are so many things in the work that I would like to talk with you about, I would just like to mention in particular the 2,290 worded epic dialogue entitled ‘Long live dignity; dignity forever!’ which was composed from 6:45 to 7:45 on Saturday morning, the 12th May 2012.
This was a moving experience for me personally, Richard as my grandfather, René Jean-Marie de la Fontaine - a gifted painter was first imprisoned in Konzentrationslager Mauthausen, and later died in KZ-Gusen II.”
“Oh, I didn’t know that, Sophie.
I am very saddened to hear it.
Can you tell me something about him?”
“In a way his style of painting reminds me very much of your way of writing, Richard in that it was vibrant, lyrical, and profound.
He had the courage to paint what his heart presented to him.
It seems however that the notorious Nazi art thief Karl Haberstock, who greatly liked his paintings, had put a word in Gestapo chief Lischka’s ear to . . . ” Ashford Castle interview
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