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Richard Mc Sweeney

In January 2018, Richard Mc Sweeney aka Richard of Éire - a self-designated lyrical Planet Earth philosopher of the natural kind; a self-originator who enjoys poetically expressing his ideas in the written and spoken word, freely walked away from Social Media; cast away once and for all into the Sea of Oblivion his Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest sacred door keys. (Had he been also on Instagram he would have done the same.) This fearless action has been allowing him to experience the restoration of his wondrous self: his ageless true self.


You will love his charmingly original bite-sized closet drama scripts which he has been broadcasting on his online station: Radio Richard Ireland. You will want to slowly and reflectively read and reread them in silence or aloud. You will have an expectation and anticipation that they will be very good for you, and indeed they will. They will inspire you, and encourage you to go on adventurous intellectual, emotional and spiritual journeys all of your own.


You will discover a lovely affinity in the concept of presentation of these scripts with that of the carefree philosophical conversing of say the ancient Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern philosophers who strove in their own day to place a premium on brevity of phrasing for an optimum on clarity of thought, implication and nuance. Love of free thought being of the essence of self; self being in love with the wonder of self, life and reality.


This is an ongoing and evolving collection which has eTiding14 as its first script. It dates from Tuesday, 30th January 2018.

As of today: Tuesday, 14th August 2018 the collection is up to eTiding125.

Chronologically scripts will be added frequently. The latest to be added is eTiding125.

Announcement: From 2nd July 2018 until the end of August 2018 broadcasts will be intermittent.

Downloadable format: MS word (ave. size: 18 kb).


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Tuesday, 14th August 2018

"In a vision of a weekend, I found myself to be in a desert, where therein I happened upon one, who was leading a handful of people. And they were coming on along some distance behind him. They were grumbling and moaning away among themselves. Then the one was leading them, stopped walking and waited for them to catch up, and he spoke unto them saying: 

“What is it, you are constantly grumbling and moaning away about among yourselves, as you come along?”

“When we were captives in the land of the Arrow of Time, we always had a glimmer of happiness; at least we knew how to easily interpret reality. We knew what was the past; we knew what was the present, and what might be the future. And we could eat of this sound knowing whenever we so wished, and to our hearts content. It was the same knowledge of which our ancestors ate, and we were contented with knowing that what was good enough for them, was most assuredly good enough for us too. We greatly miss that way of life; that way of looking at reality. Out here in this wilderness, we are but eating abstraction and nihilism. We feel we have somehow dishonoured the wisdom of our ancestors . . ."


The slideshow artworks are by the wonderful romantic landscape painter Thomas Cole (1801-1848).